Drying Marijuana Leaves for Use 

Like9 Tweet0 Google+0 Proper drying of marijauna leaves is very essential to enable to use them. It is also done to maintain its high quality effect and can be stored for months without damaging the weed. Drying marijauna leaves is the last process in growing marijauna before you can enjoy them. It must be done immediately after its harvest to avoid them from molds that can spread to the entire yield. This usually due to the moisture content of the plant after it has been picked out. Here are the three process of the correct way in drying your cannabis  [ Read More ]

Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 Study shows that eating or drinking marijauna leaves is better than smoking them. It is healthier with its raw and natural form because it contains high concentrated vitamins and nutrients. Consuming marijauna leaves orally is also perfect for the users who have lung deficiency or to those who are not allowed to smoke. Its great psychoactive effects can last longer than smoking. Here are the reasons why you should eat cannabis leaves than smoking them. Unique Psychoactive Effects Eating marijauna leaves are way cooler than smoking them. It produces unique and longer effects that usually last for  [ Read More ]

Marijuana Leaves Can Still Make you High

Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 THC is the chemical that can crate psychoactive effects in the body and mind of the user. It is found in the parts of weed plants that can be extracted readily. Most growers harvest only the buds for marijauna purposes due to the high concentrations of THC in it. However, leaves can also have certain levels of THC that can give high sensation feeling that can fight depression. Getting high through smoking leaves Leaves can also give the same high effect as that of the buds when smoked. However, the lower amount of THC present in the  [ Read More ]

Curing and Smoking Marijuana Leaves

Like13 Tweet0 Google+0 It is very important to retain the high quality effects of the weed. The best proven method in drying marijauna leaves is the Curing process. This process is the last step in drying cannabis leaves before you can use them. It is done to make sure that the flavors of the weed are being preserved properly. This article will talk about the correct procedures in curing leaves and different ways in smoking them. Proper Way of Curing Leaves First thing to do in process is you have to dry the cannabis leaves upside. You can tie the  [ Read More ]

Can I Use Marijuana Leaves as Organic Fertilizer

Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 All fertilizers types of fertilizers must contain certain levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in order to be used as an additive to the soil. This usually goes to the acronym N-P-K that is sometimes on the label of commercial fertilizers. Some people want to go green and make fertilizers that came from green manures or parts of the plants left after harvest. Almost all types of organic matters can have certain levels of NPK embedded in its system. YES YOU CAN USE IT AS FERTILIZER Marijauna leaves also contain these levels of NPK that are necessary  [ Read More ]

Like3 Tweet0 Google+0 Cannabis has a wide variety of strains. Each strain has different levels of THC content depending on the breed and species of the plant. THC or tetrahydrocannabidiol is the active enzyme in the weed and responsible for getting high. There are many people who prefer using marijauna that has higher THC content which produces great psychoactive effects to the user. The greater the THC content the higher the effects could bring. Here are the top 5 countdown of the highest and strongest THC content of marijauna strains. 5. Black Destroyer The THC level of Black Destroyer can  [ Read More ]

How to Make a Cannabis Tincture

Like3 Tweet0 Google+0 There are plenty of ways in consuming cannabis, its either smoking the weed or ingesting its leaves. One way of consuming it is the Tincturing which is used in our modern world to address the problem of inconsistent dosing. The biggest advantage of using a marijauna tincture is that you can control the dosage intake of the liquid. Tincturing is the process of extracting the THC level of the cannabis plant in the form of alcoholic mixture. It is used consumed orally by the use of a dropper or a teaspoon. The steps listed below shows the  [ Read More ]

Top Ideas for Making Use of Marijuana Leaves

Like0 Tweet0 Google+0 There are many ways in using cannabis leaves. Marijauna plant is a very versatile kind of plant and can be used in many different fields such as in cooking, medication and even for past time. All of them have equally the same psychoactive effects and medical benefits. You just have to be creative, resourceful, and open-minded to use cannabis leaves to its highest potentials. However, you must have to be extra careful in experimenting them because weed is a sensitive shrub as well. To give you cool ideas, here are some of the top ideas in making  [ Read More ]

Six Signs of a Super Healthy Marijuana Plant

Like3 Tweet0 Google+0 Healthy marijauna is very essential to produce higher yields production. This is very important to detect early problems of your valuable cannabis plant. It is generally useful in preventing great damage to the crop that may cause certain production loss. Malnourish marijauna plant usually characterized by dried and discolored leaves. To know the health condition of your plant, here are the six common signs in determining a healthy marijauna plant. Dark Green Leaves The health conditions of the plants are usually determined by the color of its leaves. Healthy plants normally have dark green leaves; however, some  [ Read More ]

Do Marijuana Fan Leaves Get Trimmed?

Like7 Tweet0 Google+0 Fresh leaves in a marijauna plant always grow on the top part of the plant which also means that the older leaves are left down below. Some might worry that the light that gets into the older leaves are blocked by the new once so they trim the fresh once out. Also, some think the opposite way that the old leaves must be taken out for the plant to become healthy. This issue must be corrected to help ensure high yield Never Remove Healthy Leaves This means that never trim the healthy leaves down even if the  [ Read More ]